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Finding Images for Your Website

When building a web page for your website, how it's laid out is important. More importantly, you need to have good images but how do you find / source good images for your website? You have a few options.

Take Pictures Yourself / Hire a Photographer

If you are selling products on your website, then you'll need pictures of those products in most cases. If they are products you are making, then there's probably no other way. In this case, either hire a photographer or take pictures yourself.

We would encourage hiring a photographer. This is because lighting is important. Just using one light source (like a flash on your camera) can make images (and YOUR products) look really flat. Photographers know all about lighting and how to make your products look great. Think about the big companies out there that spend good money on photo sessions. They know that they will easily get that investment back in product sales.

Stock Photos

If you just need pictures of people in business situations or general situations, then going with stock photography is a good idea. We can do some creative things with those photos but we need you to pick them out and provide them to us. Our designers many choose to look around for some images but you are ultimately responsible for providing all content to us and this does include images.

We have a membership at IngImage.com, so go there and feel free to pick some out. Just note the image numbers and then we can download them and use them.

There are other stock photography websites out there, like iStockPhoto and others where you can go and purchase stock photos for a reasonable price. We keep a list of resources like this on one of our links pages. You only need to give them to us with a width of at least 800 pixels wide. You do not have to buy the large versions. Somewhere around 800 pixels wide is good because then we can resize them or crop them and there's enough of an image to work with.

A good place to go for free images is Pixabay.com.

Should You Steal Images Off Other Websites?

No! Do not do this! They are copyrighted unless they say that they are available with a public license. There are even ways for the image owners to scan the web for other websites using their photos. Just changing the file name or cropping them is not enough. If you have a good lawyer and want to spend a lot of money later, then it's up to you if you want to go ahead and rip off other people's images. We caution you to not do this and we do not do any kind of check ourselves of where the photos you are providing originated - you are providing the content and are responsible for where it comes from.

Any images we will add would be images that we have the rights to use and none others.

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