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Switch Your Email to Google's G Suite

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Because people are using all kinds of devices to access email, the way your email is hosted needs to be able to handle it and keep up.

Traditional POP Accounts

Traditional POP3 accounts might not be the best solution for how people use email. With POP3, email is held on the server and it's meant to be deleted. Most email programs will automatically delete all email that is downloaded - either right away or within a few days. If you have multiple devices checking that one account, then some of your email is ending up on one device and some on another and so on. There might be a device grabbing email that you're not even using much anymore, so you might be missing email if that devices is removing email from your account.

See? It gets pretty messy.

GMail to the Rescue!

Today, most people are used to how Google's GMail works. You can login using a web browser or else use any device and all your emails and folders are there. This is technically called IMAP email but the folks over in Marketing prefer to call it "cloud hosting" because your email sits on a server that can be accessed from anywhere. It requires an Internet connection, but since it's easy to get a connection, this kind of system works really well. You get webmail plus any device's email program can also access it. This is why this technology works best for people today.

The Bad News

The bad news is that Webstix does not host email any more. Sorry.

The Good News!

The good news is that Google's GMail works great.

More Bad News

It's sometimes not easy to use your domain name with GMail because there are some technical things you need to do. If you mess those things up, you can lose email for a day or more.

More Good News!

Google has what they call G Suite, which lets your business have its own GMail where you can use your company email just like GMail and you get other integrated features as well - like calendars, email groups and so on. It's a complete system!

Sign Up for G Suite / Google Apps for Business

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