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Webstix Hosting vs. Webstix X-Press Hosting

Choose Your Hosting for WordPress Websites

If we're building a WordPress website for you, you have some hosting options.

WordPress is Software

First, you should know that since WordPress (or Joomla for that matter) is software running on the web server, it needs to be updated from time to time. There are security updates that come out as well as feature upgrades. The software is free but for us to install it and do testing with your website takes some time.

Along with the core WordPress software, there are also plugins and maybe even updates to themes or theme software that needs to be done. These updates also take some time to install and do testing on. With our testing, we make sure the features on your website work fine and work with the latest web browsers.

Doing WordPress updates is like updating Windows or Microsoft Word on your computer. These updates matter even more because your website is on a server (computer) that's public accessible. Web servers have to be accessible to the public and that makes them targets for hacks and compromises.

Per our Website Hosting Terms of Service, you are responsible to make sure any and all software running on your website (even when we set it up for you) is up to date. It's just part of the cost of ownership for having a website that allows you to edit content yourself or one that has a database running behind it.

How Many WordPress Updates Are There Per Year?

Good question. Here's a sample of the WordPress updates that were released in 2013:

That's 7 in a year. If there are two releases within a week, then we just count the second one, so that's 6 that we count in 2013 (the ones in bold). Each one of these updates takes at least 1 Maintenance Block, sometimes 2 Maintenance Blocks. That means you can expect to spend about 12-24 Maintenance Blocks per year on WordPress updates (this is just an example and it could be more).

Here's our current pricing on Maintenance Blocks:

  • 12-Pack Maintenance Blocks: $517.50
  • 24-Pack Maitnenance Blocks: $966.00

And this is just the core WordPress software - it does not include plugins. We do upgrade plugins for you when there's a WordPress release but your website might require that plugins be updataed more frequently than that if you want to ensure that your website is as secure as it can be.

Webstix Website Hosting Options for WordPress

If you have a WordPress website that we're hosting, you have two options. You can have your own installation of WordPress that you have to maintain or else you can go with what we call Webstix X-Press Website Hosting, which is a shared installation of WordPress. This means that we maintain WordPress for you and we keep up with all software updates (core software and plugins) as well as do testing with each website that uses that system.

If your website uses an SSL certificate because your website transmits secure information (like a shopping cart, for instance), then you need to have your own installation of WordPress - you cannot use Webstix X-Press hosting since we need to be able to set up a security certificate on a dedicated IP address and use the port 443 for transmitting securely with your SSL certificate.

Option A: Webstix Premium Hosting ($237.60 per year)

This includes a 10% discount for paying one year in advance. If you pay by the month, then you do not get that discount.

With this hosting plan, you'll pay the $237.60 plus the $517.50 to $966.00 per year for WordPress updates.

TOTAL: $755.10 to $1203.60 per year ($62.93 to $100.30 per month)

Option B: Webstix X-Press Hosting ($39.95/mo or $49.95/mo)

This includes:

  • 5-12 upgrades/patches per year.
  • WordPress instructional videos ($120/year value)

You can also choose to purchase a 6-Pack of Maintenance Blocks with this plan:

  • Option B.1 (Silver Plan): Webstix X-Press Hosting: $39.95/mo ($479.40/year)
  • Option B.2 (Gold Plan): Webstix X-Press Hosting + 6-Pack Maintenance Blocks: $49.95/mo ($599.40/year)

With these options, this means for an extra $120 per year, you can also get a 6-Pack of Maintenance Blocks (value of $293.25) and these Maintenance Blocks have to be used during that year - they do not carry over (they expire).

Yeah, It's a No Brainer

Yes, you're reading this right. With Webstix X-Press Hosting, you're essentially saving $275.70 to $712.20 per year and then you can also get a great deal on a 6-Pack of Maintenance Blocks. Your WordPress website will stay up to date, too.

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