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What Does Webstix Need for Testimonials Content?

Our Testimonials Module

When you order the Testimonials module/widget for your website, it's a group of testimonials from your customers about your business that randomly appear on most (if not all) pages on your website. There's a group of them and one of them is pulled at random when a page loads. To launch a website, it's good to have a half dozen or more and there's really no limit to how many you can have. We'll load up to 20 of them at launch but you're welcome to add more later and it's easy to do.

How to Get Testimonials

The easiest way to get testimonials for your website is to ask your customers for them. Many of them will gladly write one up. Just send them an email and ask them to reply.

More tips:

  • The best time to get a testimonial from a customer is right after they've received your product or service.
  • Testimonials should include their name. You can abbreviate their last name if you want or if they request it.
  • Testimonials with images of the person giving it are stronger.
  • Testimonials with audio or video are stronger yet.
  • You can link to your customer's website if they want.

Here's our testimonials page and separate website with videos:

Webstix Testimonials

Testimonials work like magic. They do. For most businesses, it's best to have an arsenal of testimonials to use in your marketing - including your website. They work well because they are not your words and it's a recommendation from a third party. Use them but be careful. They must be believable, they need to contain the customer's full name and location and including photos also help establish credibility.

Make sure you read this:

The FTC's New Guidelines on Testimonials on Websites (webstix.com - opens in a new window/tab)

What to Do

Send in all your testimonials in one Word document. Make sure it's easy for us to see each one separately. Either put some spaces between them or put them on separate pages. Include the testimonial along with the person's name.

If you have pictures, you can either include them in the document or, better yet, send them in as separate images but make sure the names of the images match the testimonial... so maybe use the person's name as the file name - like "tony.jpg" for example. Send it in to your Project Manager via Basecamp.

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