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AnalyticsAs opposed to traditional advertising media, a major advantage of online marketing is that virtually everything can be tracked. Thus, unlike billboards, radio, television, and print collateral, you know what works versus what needs to be improved.

Yet, most website owners fail to capitalize upon the power of website analytics. They might investigate how many people visited their website, but that is only a fraction of what matters. Traffic is one result of your online presence—but the result of what?

Knowing how people got to your website, which pages they visited, what they did upon arrival, and why they might have left without converting—these are all vital pieces of data that can be crucial to your online marketing efforts.

Common Mistakes…

Some business owners do not look at their reports. Some might read the reports but do nothing with the data. Some have no analytics installed on their websites at all, or they might not have analytics installed on every page.

And the most expensive mistake of all: some redesign and re-launch their entire website, as if that per se will increase traffic. But in the absence of good SEO, it simply will not.

Do it right… do it now… and reap the rewards!

If you do not have analytics installed on your website, call us and we will help you get that done. Those data are crucial to improving your SEO.

We offer you extensive experience and expertise analyzing website data to optimize your SEO. We can create reports for you, explain the data therein, and show you how to use those data to improve your website functionality, SEO, and conversion rates.

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