LTL Real Time Freight Quotes

Packing peanutsResearch shows that prospects are much more likely to complete a sale on an e-commerce website that provides instant quotes on shipping as compared to a website that requires them to  wait for that piece of crucial information.

In sum, customers nowadays expect to have shipping charges instantly calculated and displayed, and they will shop elsewhere rather than wait for someone to manually assemble that information and contact them later.

Accuracy Is Important—to you and your customers

Accuracy is paramount. The shipping quotes your e-commerce website generates in response to customer inputs must  be adequate to ensure that you are not losing money on shipping. At the same time, if those quotes are too high, you generate resistance to the sale.

We offer you extensive experience working with, the undisputed leader in providing e-commerce enterprises with accurate, LTL, real-time freight quotes.

Your every online order will have a shipping quote attached to it, developed within the parameters you specify to cover your labor and shipping expenses. And when it comes time to ship, that quote  is turned into a shipping order to expedite delivery to your customer quickly and easily.

Upgrade Your Website With Real Time Freight Shipping

Talk to us today about upgrading your website to accommodate real-time freight shipping.  It will allow you to streamline your inventory control, convert more website visits to actual online orders,  and improve the overall customer experience on your website.

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